It’s a digital world

Every business should have access to top experts and technology, just like those big brands

Better Decisions. Better Experience.

Business Dynamiks was created by experienced business and technology professionals who recognised a harsh truth that today’s digital world is a level playing field for both big and small businesses.

Zero sum Game

Today’s digital business landscape is a level playing field

While big companies have larger budgets to access top talents and high-quality technology that deliver results, small and medium-sized businesses lag behind. However, all this would change today.

No more constraint of tighter budgets

Availability of top-level talent and high-quality content to run successful campaigns

Access to amazing technology and tools at an affordable price point

No more gambling with different service providers who don't serve your purpose

We are here to change that

The most determined group of people you would meet

Each member of our team is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and businesses build a predictable & revenue generating pipeline at an affordable price point.

Vani Pandrangi

Vani Pandrangi

CEO & Founder

Vani is the founder of Business Dynamiks and is the champion when it comes to process and consulting activities. She comes with 25 years of experience working across multiple domains.

Vijay Narayan

Vijay Narayan

CMO & Founder

Vijay is the Founder & CMO at Business Dynamiks and is in charge of growth. He comes with 20 years experience working in customer experience and business development areas.

Our manifesto

Our idea is to provide the simplest solution possible.

At an absolutely affordable price point.

With focus on delivering extreme value for our customers.

At the shortest implementation time.

And with a high return on investment.

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Business Dynamiks

A sales enablement company that serves as a single source for building a predictable revenue generation pipeline.