Demand Generation and revenue acceleration to keep your sales pipelines full

Super charge your sales team with our multichannel sales engagement service that can help you fill up your sales pipeline and  to generate revenue faster.

Play-books, sales technology, prospector and many more

Start saving money and start landing bigger deals

A simple all-in-one solution that gives you the necessary tools, technology and the sales play-books you need to keep your sales game on point.

It works! Look forward to a fruitful long-term association with you guys. I’d highly recommend it to others.

Chetan Indap

CEO & Founder, Callify

Account Based Marketing

$ 6500 / Month

One time set-up fee $2500

Account Based Marketing at a price you can afford.

Sales Play-Book
Target 3-4 Buyer persona

150 accounts targeted /month

Tailored Messaging
Sales Prospector
Sales Performance Reporting
ABM Configuration
Target 1 product / 1 service
5-7 Follow-ups / account
1-2 Pitch emails
CRM Integration

Super charge your business

Aligning sales and marketing is like putting growth on steroids. The companies that adopt our demand generation strategies see their revenue, productivity, win rates going up and sales cycle times, speed to revenue and staff attrition going down.

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Speed to Revenue

Getting the right person to handle the right conversation can have 23% higher lead conversion rate and a 32% overall sales quota attainment leading to increase in revenues.

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Reduced Cycle Time

Sales enablement is a combination of multiple sales functions and what those functions are and how much time is spent fulfilling each activity to reduce sales cycle time.

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Sales Productivity

If your sales reps are spending 25% of their time in researching and 21% of their time writing emails, then most of their productivity is lost. A simple automation is the need then.

Target your audience with precision

Find the right kind of companies and the decision makers who would be interested in your product / service when they are in the verge of making a buy decision.

Find right companies

Target the companies based on technology, hiring trend and funding triggers.

Find decision makers

Talk to decision makers or the contacts who can influence the buy decision.

Rich data attributes

Narrow your sales efforts using rich data attributes relating to your prospect.

Supercharge growth

Get the right set of sales qualified appointments to grow your revenues.

Make right connections with right messaging

We design the sales outreach programs by building context into your messages and connecting through multiple platforms. This helps nurture prospects to become warm leads that buy from you.

A proven sales playbooks

Create and execute follow up plans to engage your prospects and to stay in touch with them across channels.

Sync all your communications

Connect all your communication channels in one platform so as to ensure you have a 360° view of all your interactions.

Personalise at scale

Gather relevant information about your prospects with the required context to initiate a meaningful dialogue.

Drive deeper engagement

Use measurable series of data points to drive meaningful engagement with your prospects and key stakeholders.

Receive qualified meetings

Get qualified appointments with prospects that are more eager and receptive to talk to you about your offering.

Optimise using analytics

See what’s the most effective content and communication channel through activity based analytics.

Optimize your sales team’s performance

Ready to make your entire team more effective, let us setup your sales program and you will be overwhelmed with your team’s performance in closing the deals to grow your business.

Why working with us is such a sweet deal for businesses, whether you’re big or small

Easily connect with your customers

We help facilitate a positive business relationship.
You receive a clear sales brief and play-books that your team can execute without over-thinking next sales move.
Effortlessly connect with your prospects and customers in just a few clicks.

Discover prospects the easy way

Find prospects you would like to connect with and extract their contact information with simple data enrichment tools.

Free use of technology tools

A simple platform that automates search, outreach, sales activities and calls, thus eliminating routine work and lets your sales team focus on what really matters, closing deals.

Engage with leads via multiple channels

Combine emails, follow-ups, calls, social touches, and tasks into a multichannel sequence to reach your prospects wherever they are.

Speed up the sales workflow

Generates a list of tasks and calls for your sales team within multichannel sequences. Follow the list and make the most out of the sales efforts.

No more outsourced lead generation

Why outsource when you can do all that an average outsourced lead generation agency can do with powerful automations. And all you need is 10 mins everyday.

Quickest Return on Investment

With over 100 implementations, 90% have seen a Return of Investment of over 4000% within the first year itself.

Best suited sales experts for your unique business

We understand that no two businesses are alike and no two sales guys are the same. And that is why we built a simple solution which can help your sales team land high value contracts.

Introduce yourself

We want to know you, so tell us a bit about yourself and describe your business goals.

Talk to an expert

An expert is waiting to understand your sales goals and guide you along your decision making process. 

Navigate the landscape

Sit back and relax while we configure your sales engine that keeps those sales pipelines full.
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