Sales Case Study

How a product company in South Africa landed a two-hour long face to face meeting with a leading insurance company?

Area of service

The company we worked with is in the space of commerce solution provider.


This company had a wide range of commerce products that can support any company who sells their products both online and offline. During our initial discussion, we observed that this company is in existence for about 20+ years but their sales channel was more dependent on referrals. They were looking at other avenues to build their sales pipeline for which they approached Business Dynamiks team. The challenge for Business Dynamiks team is to map the various products the company had.
Argility is a leading innovator of IT solutions in the omni-channel customer experience, digital commerce, IoT and enterprise software arenas.
This company in South Africa has converted around three deals within 3-6 months of our engagement with them. The ROI realised through this engagement was 329%.


We initiated the engagement by creating a repository of various products and mapped the products with target segment they wanted to reach and sell. Also, this company was in the phase of rebuilding their product lines, they wanted to get a quicker traction to get into the market. Once we got a detailed overview of various products and the market segment, we initiated a reach out campaign on behalf of this company.

That was a lightening speed response on lead generation. Kudos!!

Swapnil Yemde
Senior Manager - Marketing and Sales


Within two weeks of engagement, we could get them a face to face meeting for 2 hours with one of the leading insurance company in South Africa. The reason for this is that we could exactly tap the pain point this prospect was facing with the company’s offerings. Not only this, we were able to provide them with 9 sales qualified leads within three months of our engagement.

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How a product company in South Africa landed a two-hour long face to face meeting with a leading insurance company?
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