Sales Case Study

How a compliance consulting company used Business Dynamiks for building their sales pipeline?

Area of service

This company was in existence for the past four years and are in the business of providing compliance consulting & certification services in the field of information security.


They had a great database of proposed prospects they could reach out to. But the issue they found was in hiring inside sales team. Whenever, they deployed a team for building their sales pipeline, they could not do that in a systematic manner. At this stage, they approached Business Dynamiks with an intention to build their sales pipeline.
QRC Consulting
QRC is the optimal consultancy to deal with your Quality, Risks and Compliance concerns. We have a multitude of tailored programmes and assessment methodologies that will ensure your Quality, Risk and Compliance goals are achieved.
We made them realise an ROI of 503% and this was within the first month of our engagement.


Business Dynamiks had a lengthy discussion with their sales team and figured out couple of pain points through which we could connect with their existing prospects. During the first month of the engagement, we could bring in 5 sales qualified appointments. Out of these 5 appointments, one prospect was immediately converted as a customer for them.

I like the team’s genuine approach to keep this engagement a success. They worked with us at every step to make this as a success.

Vamsi Maramaganti


Within two months of engagement, we built their sales pipeline with a minimum of 7 prospective customers.

The standard approach to follow up and look at avenues to consistently engage with the prospects formed the very basis of creating a consistent sales pipeline

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