Sales Case Study

How a fintech company landed with leading banks to sell their solutions?

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TSS had many products but they engaged Business Dynamiks team to work on building their sales for CKYC solution that meets CERSAI requirements and interfaces with CKYC India website as per RBI, SEBI, IRDA & PFRDA guidelines, This is a mandatory requirement for all financial institutions to comply within a specified time frame.


The major challenge they faced at the time of engagement was to reach the decision makers of leading banks in India. They used to do cold calling but they had to cross gate keepers, which was becoming a bigger task for them. When they launched the product, they had only one competitor and to capture the market, they were seeking our help to reach the decision makers faster even before the deadline to encash the opportunity.
TSS Consulting
TSS Consultancy is a fast growing technology solutions provider for the financial industry incorporated in 2008 and already serving more than 90 Financial Institutions.
They signed up with two leading banks within 3 months of engaging with us.


Business Dynamiks initially made a test run of the project as we had an impression that the responses from banks would be poor. So, we kept our options open for cold calling as well. But to our surprise, the pain points / challenges that we used in our message really resonated well with the audience. Subsequently, we were able to give them 17 sales qualified appointments within a short span of three months.

Business Dynamiks has so far done a good Job for helping us in our marketing Initiative.

Sagar Tanna


Business Dynamiks were able to give 17 sales qualified leads within 3 months of engagement. They could realise an ROI of achieved within 3 months of engaging with us.

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How a fintech company landed with leading banks to sell their solutions?
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