Sales Case Study

How a risk and compliance consulting start-up worked on their entry point strategy using Business Dynamiks?

Area of service

This company we worked for is a start-up in India, with a focus to extend their services to customers in United States.


Being a start-up, they have no clue on which segment would fetch them with the easier entry point to their consulting divisions in United States. Their idea on this entire activity of identification should be within a span of three months. They were also not able to deploy a full-time employee to do this study and to strategise their growth forward.
Watrap Tech
We are a Information Security consulting and Cyber Security firm, with variety of solutions spanning across various domains. Our global security consultants have decades of experience advising private clients and corporations across industries.
Saving amounted to almost 60% of their originally planned expenditure on inside sales team.


When Business Dynamiks took over this engagement, the entire set of offerings by this company was mapped and got a fair idea of various market segments. In a span of three months, we could reach out to various industry segments to find out which market will fit this company.

The success we found were in Healthcare segment, Online market sellers, and Financial service segment. We could give them 35 prospective appointments who were willing to get into an agreement on a consultative proposition.

I am happy that we engaged Business Dynamiks, I never realised how quickly they became part of my inside sales team. Thank you for all the help.

Abhishek Ranga
CEO and Founder


The results for this engagement is that we could identify that a consulting engagement with the prospects on their security & related infrastructure worked well as an entry point for them and the industries were Healthcare, Online store owners, and Financial service markets.

If this assignment has been carried out through a traditional channel, it would have taken at least six to eight months against our commitment of three months.

With this approach, they have saved almost 60% of their originally planned expenditure.

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Sales Case Study
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